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Product Development

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Prototype of O2 TV streaming service

I was responsible for developing prototype of desktop application for Mac and Windows of O₂ TV streaming service. The purpose of the prototype get feedback from testers and do as many testing as possible before the service goes into development. Application includes electronic program guide, archive of television broadcast, online streaming, feature called timeshift allows to watch live TV show from the beginning. Application is packed in Electron environment.

Done in cooperation with Tomáš and Xhevi.

Video recording application with no disturbing controls

My motivation for creating this application is that the default iOS camera app has to many disturbing overlays. While your recording there is big red button that covers your camera view. My approach is to have the least elements on screen as possible. I ended with Viewfinder same interface as old school cameras had. The operation is straight forward swipe to toggle between video and photo mode. Press side button to take photo or video.

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Image editing application with no user interface

Minimalistic application for digitalizing sketches.


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User experience is your feeling from using product or service.And best interface is no interface.

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